Canon PowerShot A2000 Digital Camera Review

Canon PowerShot A2000How are you doing? This is the new Canon PowerShot A2000. Apparently it is not the biggest fan of mine right now, but all the new Canons, a bunch of new Canon PowerShot A2000 point-and-shoots have come out recently, this is one of them, and it’s an awesome camera. It’s a great point-and-shoot and it takes extraordinarily high quality pictures. Of course it’s got that extraordinarily nice Canon lens you’re gonna find on just about any Canon point-and-shoot camera. It’s just very high end across the board, very easy to use and also very easy to take really really sharp photos with, even if you wanna delve into the manual settings on this thing. Now I’ll show ya’all about that in just a second. First of all it is a 10.0 Megapixels Camera, so you’ve got a lot of pixels in this thing. In fact I’ve been trying to figure out how they fit that many pixels in such small packages, but I’m not the engineer. The engineers take care of that. It’s got a 6X optical zoom and a 4X digital zoom on this thing. So in this tiny little package, you’re gonna get up to 6X on the telephoto setting which is a very nice long zoom on such a tiny compact camera.

It has a 3″ LCD, on the back there. Very very bright, very very sharp looking LCD on this camera. It also does the 640 x 480 Movie Mode, like you’re gonna find in most cameras nowadays, but the video actually looks really really sharp on this thing. It does do 30 FPS and the audio actually sounds, really really good from this camera as well. Now it does feature, the Canon Digic III Processor and that’s what gives this thing all of its “Chutzpah” if you will. The Jewish Holydays just passed by, so I’m still speaking Yiddish, so please pardon me. It’s gonna track up to 9 phases. It’s got the Phase Detection Technology on this thing which is cool in a lot of the point-and-shoots, that are out there right now. It’s gonna be able to track up to 9 faces in a scene and what that does is, once it identifies those faces, it’s going to adjust your flash and your speed and all that stuff so you get the best possible exposure for all of the faces that are in your photographs. It does take MMC and SD cards. If you pop off the bottom here, you will see that you can put that right in there. It takes both, so very standard card. So any one of them, that you might already have will work with this with no problem. It does come stock with a 32 MB SD card. Canon PowerShot A2000

Enough to get you started, enough to take a few pictures at 10 Megapixels that’s not very many pictures. It’s a handful. It’s probably 7 or 8, something like that. Somewhere around there. 7 or 8 pictures. So you wanna probably get a bigger card if you don’t already have one. It does take AA batteries. This is a great feature of a lot of these Canon PowerShot A2000, because, if you’re like me, I am sure you’ve run into this, the rechargeable batteries are very easy to forget to recharge. The AA just pop it in there whenever you’re ready to go. You never have to worry about having to wait for a battery and charge. You can also put the rechargeables in here, if you want, and it does have a DC input, so that you can recharge, rechargeable batteries, right inside the camera. Now it doesn’t come with the AC plug and it doesn’t come with the rechargeable batteries, but if you wanna go that way, the option is definitely there. So, let’s go ahead and take a look around at this very very nice Canon PowerShot A2000 camera. On the top here, you’ve got that Canon wheel, this is where you are going to be able to choose all of your various shooting modes. The Auto Mode is going to use that Digic III processor to make sure it gets the best possible photograph without really putting any thought into it. You’re still going to be able to make adjustments and you’re still going to be able to adjust some of the manual features, when you’re in that automatic mode, but it’s going to basically take care of everything for you. It also has the easy mode, you flick this over and it pops into easy mode. Easy mode is going to let this camera basically, really take care of everything on its own, because it’s not gonna let you make any changes. So, you can put it on easy mode, hand it off to grandma, and she’s still gonna be able to take really really nice pictures.

It also has all of your basic scene modes right here. You’ve got your portrait mode, your landscape mode, your night shooting mode – all right here. Now when you put this thing into its manual mode, we can come over here and take a look at some of the more advanced features that are in this camera. When you flick this over, this is your flash setting. It does have the auto and regular standard flash. You have your ISO right here, which can be adjusted, all the way up to 1600. So, it does have a nice high ISO setting on this camera. It does have a macro mode that will take, very, very, very nice close-up pictures. Something that a lot of point-and-shoot cameras sometimes miss, is that macro mode. This is gonna make sure that you get that in, of course. The infinity focus that you can take those nice sweeping landscapes, and not have to worry about it. It also does take multiple shots. You can get this thing shooting continuously. Once it’s in that continuous shot mode, just hold the button and you’ll see that it just starts snapping the photos away. There you go, and you see you’re guaranteed to get at least a good shot somewhere, of course. That just took like 8 pictures of our camera guy, Lance. He doesn’t look very good in either, in any of them. I’m sorry Lance, it didn’t work. It also has face detection technology. Face Detection right here. You turn it on and off by pushing this button right here. One of the other cool things is, when you push the face detection button on hold, of course you can see that it’s tracking my face right now. When you push and hold, the face detection button will tell you exactly how many faces it has detected in the scene, so you can make sure everything is working correctly in this. God, I am not an attractive person am I? Look at that, oh enough about me. Over here, you can easily get to your play mode. Hit the play mode button right there and it will take you into your photo review mode. By pushing the display button you can see a few different options.

Canon PowerShot A2000This is the histogram view and actually the detail view, which will show you the size of the image, the resolution. It will tell you exactly where your aperture was set, what your ISO setting was. It’ll show you your histogram right here, and flashes, everywhere where your picture is overexposed, so you can make your adjustments and retake your photos, if need be. As you can see I’m a very very good photographer. When the histogram is all the way over on the left like that, that’s the sign of a really good photographer, right? No! When it’s all the way to the left like that, it actually means that the picture is a little too dark. When it’s all the way to the right, it’s gonna mean the picture is way way too bright. You really want that histogram to trend towards the middle. And if you have any questions about that you’re welcome to give me an email. Now, when you’re not in the play mode, when you’re in your record mode, there are some other options you’re going to find in this menu system. All the basic point and shoot options are here. You can turn that face, you can choose your auto frame, your auto focus mode right here, being near to the face detection, the auto intelligent, you can have a trend toward the center. You can also set up all your digital zoom settings, right in here, your flash settings. They are all available to you in menu system. Also, the Image Stabilization, but this of course is something that the PowerShots are known for. The do have optical image stabilization built into them. That’s not the digital image stabilization, it’s optical built into the camera.

Canon PowerShot A2000So, if you’ve got shaky hands, if you’re taking pictures with a little bit of a longer exposure time, it’s going to really really help you get really good pictures, right there. Over on the side of the camera is where your ports are hidden, right there. That is the DC input. Now again, it does not come with a charger. You can get one if you want one. And also your AV is located right here as well on the side. But, overall, it is an impressive little camera. The pictures that you take with this are of course of that really really solid Canon PowerShot A2000 quality. I mean if you can notice the difference. If you’ve every owned a Canon PowerShot A2000 camera before and then went on to something else, you probably noticed a bit of a difference in the quality and that’s because it does have really really great lenses on this thing, on their cameras. And this right here makes it just so easy to take really really nice pictures. I don’t consider myself anything close to a professional photographer, but the pictures I was able to take with this particular camera, have come out really really well. So it’s a really really solid point-and-shoot. It’s not, it doesn’t have tons of super super advanced features, but if you’re looking for a camera that’s just gonna take really really nice pictures, that you don’t have to put a lot of thought into, but still gives you the flexibility to be able to adjust all those manual settings on your own, you’re going to be able to do it, in this camera without any problem whatsoever. So, go check it out. It is the Canon PowerShot A2000 IS. Of course, it’s got those 10 Megapixels and 6X optical zoom built right into it, and a 3″ LCD and it’s got that Digic III processor, which is gonna make sure all those pictures look really really sharp. The Digic III is pretty much the best one. It’s not as good as the Digic IV, but you’re not gonna find that in any of the point-and-shoot right now that Canon has, so go check it out. Canon PowerShot A2000. Solid little point-and-shoot camera for your photo taking pleasure.


NIKON COOLPIX L 820 Digital Camera Review

Nikon Coolpix L820 Digital CameraToday we’re going to be doing review the NIKON COOLPIX L 820 digital camera. Alright so now we can see the actual game itself and you’ll immediately notice that is certainly not the most compact camera out there is quite smaller than a DSLR. However it’s much bigger than a typical point-and-shoot. that being said though it does have a thirty times optical zoom which means lens are going to be much bigger and that being said also it includes double A batteries instead rechargeable batteries which take up a lot more room.

however I’m pretty happy with the size of the camera and as long as you don’t have the intent to put in your pocket. It should be just fine so let’s start off by reading of the specs up the camera it has a 16 megapixel shooter along with a viewfinder that is an LCD VGA quality. Unfortunate no optical viewfinder here the ISO is 125 to 1600 which you can configure I in the max actors 3.0 the dimensions are 4.4 times 3.0 times 3.3 inches and it weighs 16 points 6 announces with the batteries. And the batteries are included in the box so this retails for 199 190 on Amazon and Best Buy but the suggestion MSRP is 280 don’t pay more than that 199 is the price that you can find.

NIKON COOLPIX L 820I’m beyond that it has a thirty times optical zoom as I said which is quite impressive for camera like this a typical let’s go ahead and get in choosing build quality of the camera. alright so let’s take a quick tour around NIKON COOLPIX L 820 digital camera . so we can start 6 Dean point six ounces. so just a little over a pound not lead just came out there but it works right so start from the top and get our way down we start with our flash which pops out like that. it is not motorized so you’re going to have to click that button there we have a zoom we’ve got are three-point 0 inches three inches %uh VGA quality LCD. which is our only viewfinder on the scammer.

we’ve got our stereo Mikes along with a speaker which is terrible so never use that we’ve got another zoom our focus and capture button we’ve got one of these orange LED’s are bad lights when you focus in low-light. I’m we’ve got her on-off switch a record button that’s how you I record 1080 p video that this cameras capable of got some branding NIKON COOLPIX L 820 . we having indicator light for flash so that will later red what it’s going to flash why focusing. we’ve got some menu buttons this can change guys are menus that’s a key and take you to all your photos. we’ve got aperture an actor. I mean we have exposure flash macro and Africa what this setting does. but we’ll figure it out when we get into the camera we’ve got our menu button and find their trash so the camera out.

NIKON COOLPIX L 820we have a grip ear pretty ergonomic effect that’s pretty much what is designed for and as you can see here the lens protrudes quite a bit. it’s not a small lens it’s not only will because its appointed you. but its it’s a decent size is not a some small camera necessarily. but it gets the job done for what this so here then we have are threaded act right now and finally this where we ever battery and a micro SD card says. you can see takes four batteries there along with our micro SD card which goes and I don’t so that’s the build. it’s all made out of plastic it’s not a premiums feeling necessary but it’s definitely not homered. it’s pretty much exactly what to expect camera this price range the the new theme theme are these movies more the do good on to their ago some simple chance. that I took on my recent vacation in Mexico and right when I got this camera I was really wowed by the image quality. if you look at the detail zoom the ability to take in everything in the picture that’s really what this camera is able to do with that thirty times optical zoom I was able to use macro shots and get really close up on serbs flowers and some those up other objects better pictures out. so what’s great about this camera is the image quality is for the price point quite excellent. especially with the large sensor the CMOS sensor which means that it’s better in low light conditions.

now to say it’s better in low light conditions would be a bit of a stretch. because I think that’s one the weakest point the scanner whenever I took pictures in low light even with preset such as night or indoor. he can also see often struggle to focus in to take high-quality images the flash works pretty well. but of course it looked a little washed out just because it’s a break wat light that being said think in or quality was decent enough. but it’s not necessarily the best for low light conditions. so I’m very happy with the picture quality but let’s go on and get onto some video what on all that video was taken outside with wind which happen in Syria young quite a bit and I apologize that they could not fix it in post editing that he does however say something about the arm quality of my ex not necessarily good for outdoor use within days. there’s a setting that night provides to out compensate for win the white noise however I do not have those on that same time during my testing overall though the video quality was very good and I’m pretty happy with the saturation and the way downs that were kept up throughout the video. however this NIKON COOLPIX L 820 digital cameraa does struggle to autofocus as you saw him last video when introducing on grass it was not able to focus in with auto focus on as a weak point this cannot but then again it’s not necessarily a dedicated camcorder for 1080 p video recording.

35617791_Nikon_Coolpix_L820_9181_234_180I’m very very happy with this case so now my final impressions. this Nikon called pics LA 20 without the image quality was very very impressive however there was something on the edges that I didn’t notice in a bit oversaturation of purple on some photos overall though. there’s plenty of pixels to work with with tons of detail the pictures and X 10 overall image quality was way better than I expected and for 199 I don’t think you can beat beyond that video quality is pretty impressive with some issues such as autofocus and some weaker Mikes. however it’s what I expect and it was pretty good still something I’m going to use the 10% ABV recording in all my videos on from then the video the build quality I love this camera is quite impressive but it’s not necessarily the best it’s not the most premium feel however it’ll stand up for a couple drops handful last for quite a while on from that the VGA quality . LCD features right here is quite good with better pixel density than I would have expected the camera tends to be responsive except in low light conditions. this is an absolute recommendation great NIKON COOLPIX L 820 digital camera and something I will be using the future.

NIKON COOLPIX L820 Digital Camera Video REview

LG G2 Android Smartphone Review

LG G2 ReviewHello Reinand Here and Iwill Got to have the hottest black ships to launch at the back end of 2013. Direct competitors from too many factors dying to hold more market, share so who is the better handset LG with the LG G2 or Sony with the ramped-up. experience said one pick up on the Today by following the link in the description to head on over to maybe C dot com. I’m going to keep this concise for reviews of both devices just around the corner.

let’s start with what they by share in common but this point LG connectivity and this is comparable in both the LG G2 and said my 1990s huge variation between transmission speeds and connection drop. Pass between the two both have the same WiFi model NFC Bluetooth 4.0 US Bigg GPS in a three thousand million pal battery. The better luck on both has been excellent food a fines for the average user in use are cannot often drag a little bit more lot added the said one and this is helping exxon stamina mode options but on HD video playback test is a one cracked out at about 10 hours with the G to manage to pull ten-and-a-half. They both also support the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset with quad-core 2.26 key good CPU to keep the RAM and the junior 3 30 GPA on benchmarks. it’s really quite hard to distinguish the two obviously the dead one came at ever so slightly ahead, but both performed admirably this may be in part due to the heavy handed allergy skin running. the LG G2 but the same on in reality did show slightly less Tiger particularly with the home screen animations and no time set by comparable with them and bursting. into action just a little bit quicker in certain applications both devices can come a sixteen going to be internal storage.

But the LG G2 also has the 32 giga very in but that expandable storage by micro SD. whether they want pics at up the LG G2 does have an IR blaster for controlling the electronic. Devices in yourLG G2 Preview house tonight the suffering for both askins enjoy to varying degrees. ODIs  Cut is just too Monday too cartoony but thankfully completely editable. it certainly has the greatest customization the to just fall short in visual appeal have included applications Sony Bangalore . their inclusions that adjust in has cracks and more popular tens already in the Play Store. But they do stick with the lot more stock version the BAPS and this makes for a more stunning look LG piles in a lot useful stuff like quick translator and notebook it’s just the rest the absolute choice to make custom look ordinary a point. I will know with the US  but by this how they handle multitasking the G two uses cue.

sign applications that a scalable and run atop the you why or each other. it’s not usable for me in any circumstance Sony attacks with small apt which come bundled oil contain any widget into a small apt which runs atop the you. while one another again still is in a feeding and usable solution compared to Samsung’s multi-window the load time are the most awesome panel on. the dead one is bossy quicker than the G 2′s and this was something  down a big issue with the LG G2. the last important night for the subway is that the LG G2 can be used in its entirety in landscape. the dead one con unless docked why they did not offered in general. I don’t understand so far this comparison has been in signs favor nets. which is well there’s a month despite this time bounds ahead of his predecessor is too as good as with the G two offers. Both have exxon brian is vivid colors and bring him what’s but the five inch 1080 P TFT. try louis despite piled in viewing angles to the GT’s 5.2 age 1080 P true HD IPS plus LCD which also offered richer color times and not to mention.

LG G2 vs Samsung Note 3it extra point to Irvine inge screen size released, I and this brings us to build quality even with the large panel the G two is the small fine it has impressively in basil’s they give that the small footprint this is important. I found the LG G2 with its contoured chassis to conform or easily to my palm and single-handed use was unheeded even with the largest grain I found I need to reshuffle to reach sections and the said mom and never completely felt comfortable I mean is it massively smaller than the night three which has the significantly larger display but the materials and build quality of the same one is impressive and superior to the LG G2 the classic at the G two is slimy in creeks its metallic s-band is nothing compared to the real metallic frame-up this said one and its glossy glass panels not mention is that one is water resistant which is a refreshing feature for flagship the other big difference they want goes with its traditional unlock button on the side and at times I even found it cumbersome the G to change the game and put it on the rear panel its ingenious and something a lob not to mention its knock-on unlock feature and lastly the cameras offenders the hottest portable on paper signed with the new G lens whopping 20 points 7 megapixel autofocus camera and massive census should be the victor but in Superior Auto mode when mice will head it never shoots to the full 20 May pixels rather defaulting to I I found or I might gave me at times warm overcooked images with too much crime food a low shot which generally reasonable between the two but in low light is a one attempt to expose shadow areas too much and I found shot unnatural with plenty of noise not shots were sluggish in the said one as well coming through in a less natural Tyrone or not coming through it all the LG G2 with its 13 megapixel autofocus camera in general did a much better job showed rich blues at times but the quality of the images in almost all second stances was amazing the you why inclusions for both a comparable both are as easy to use as one another I do give LG the upper hand off and the you why he is LG G2 Reviewslightly more approachable and light at Simplot which is kinda bought for them site my party wear them looking westerly came from with experience ever all the shortcomings to the experience said one I must cite the dead one is an outstanding flagship device its built-in features said is very unique an appealing induce however I found the shape and contour the LG G2 to be less cumbersome on a day to die and it’s much smaller white was appreciated it’s the brain and lodging despite that sells me the LG G2 it’s all the more innovative and featured and the camera was what I want to use more regulate if maybe city dock on the one to give me something for Christmas when waned it would be the logg to it actually is or said the cheaper option by a hundred dollars outright but check out the link in the description to pick one up for yourselves on K and this is to protect stay tuned for the ball reviewed do in

iPod Touch 5th Generation 16 GB Review

new iPod touch 5th generation 16 GBHey guys, this is Reinand and today I’m here with a review of the new iPod touch 5th generation 16 GB. With a bigger screen and better camera this is clearly the best iPod touch yet but is it worth the hefty price of entry? The first thing that will jump out at you is the more colorful design. The iPod touch is available in several colors and thankfully all of them are much more durable than previous models. It’s also less than a quarter of an inch thin and weighs in at a super light 3 ounces. Using it feels great in the hand and that light weight means gaming is absolutely no problem. Take a close look and you’ll see the same attention to detail as on the iPhone 5 with incredibly tight tolerances. On bottom you’ll see the headphone jack, Lightning port for charging and syncing along with the speaker.

new iPod touch 5th generation 16 GBIt’s still nothing spectacular but as long as you don’t accidentally cover it up it’s all right. Around back is the iPod Touch 5th Generation 16 GB Loop which is a little pop up button to attach a lanyard. It works fine but I imagine most people will use it once and forget about it. Above is your antenna for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth which does stick out a bit and the camera, LED flash and microphone. I’ll get into performance in a minute but one thing you should keep in mind is that the lens sticks out by about a millimeter so it’s best to get a case to protect it. Up front you’ll see the FaceTime HD front facing camera and the new 4” Retina Display. Unlike previous iPods which used an inferior panel the iPod touch 5th generation 16 GB screen looks practically identical to the iPhone 5. This is definitely a good thing as not only are viewing angles top notch but colors and resolution are among the best out of any mobile device out there.

The larger screen also pays off while watching video, compared to previous versions you get much more screen real estate used. iOS 6 comes with the new iPod touch and in general is very similar to new iPod touch 5th generation 16 GBprevious versions. You have access to the excellent App Store with tons of great apps and games, pretty much all of which work on the iPod. You also have access to iMessages, FaceTime and practically every app from the iPhone except for the Phone app. The iPod touch 5th generation 16 GB now includes Siri. So as long as you’re connected to Wi-Fi it’s going to work just like on the iPhone. To activate all you need to do is hold the home button. Siri, tell me a joke. I can’t. I always forget the punch line. Yes, but it also is useful for other more important things like for example sports scores. When is the next Chiefs game? Okay sports fans, let’s take a look. The Chiefs Raiders game is October 28th 2012 at 3:05 PM. Audio quality is respectable with the included Apple EarPods. If you’re a serious audiophile you probably won’t be happy but then again you’re probably not interested in an iPod either. The camera is a 5 megapixel shooter with 1080p video and here it’s a massive improvement from the last iPod. Quality isn’t far off from smartphones like the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 with decent color and plenty of detail with 5 megapixels to work with. Video on the iPod touch is really impressive. So as Sam here will kind of demo as I give him a big old belly rub, yeah you like belly rubs huh? Yeah, belly rubs are nice. But yeah, it does shoot in full 1080p and the video quality is almost identical to what you’ll find on the iPhone 4S as well as the iPhone 5 which is really impressive considering that this is only a 5 megapixel camera.

new iPod touch 5th generation 16 GBOkay, enough talking, let’s get back to the belly rubbing. Battery life is absolutely excellent. With no cellular radio or GPS to worry about the iPod Touch 5th Generation 16 GB should last through a day of all but the most demanding use and if you keep gaming to a minimum you should be able to get a couple days between recharges easy. The iPod touch remains in a league of it’s own, no doubt. I do wish Apple had made a 16GB version at a slightly lower price but considering you’re basically getting an iPhone without the phone along with 32GB of storage for $300 I don’t think it’s an unreasonable price at all. If you’re looking for a great way to get into iOS this is a fantastic way to do it. Don’t forget to hit up that Like button and if you’re interested in more videos like the unboxing, gaming demo and more be sure to check out the rest of my iPod touch coverage here! Anyway I will catch you in the next one.

Sony BDP-S5100 3D Blu-ray player Review

Sony BDP S5100 3D Blu-ray playerHi everyone this is Reinand. Today we’re going to do the review of the Sony BDP S5100 3D Blu-ray player.  The Sony BDP-S5100 3D Blu-ray player is a great media hub. Compared to my first Blu-ray player, the Sony BDP-S5100 3D Blu-ray player is noticeably faster. Blu-ray disc are accessed about 10 seconds faster and the overall lag has decreased. There are not a lot of connections on this player. It has digital audio out, one HDMI out port, a ethernet connection and two usb ports. It also has wireless networking with support for 802.11b/g/n. Other than playing Blu-ray disc it is a good streaming device. The S5100 has dozens of streaming options. All of the popular services are here: Netflix, HuluPlus, Youtube, Vudu and Amazon Instant. When playing Blu-ray disc image quality is great. The DVD upscaling is acceptable, but if having the best quality image is important, you will want to watch movies from Blu-ray disc.

Sony BDP S5100 3D Blu-ray playerThe Xross Media Bar User Interface is easy to navigate, but is not always the most efficient or responsive. The included remote is a mixed bag of low quality and moderate functionality. The housing is made of thin light plastic that feels really cheap in the hand. And using the remote for text input is impractical. To offset the mediocre remote, Sony offers the TV Side View App. It is a good alternative particularly for typing in text. You can control all aspects of the Blu-ray player and quickly access specific streaming channels. The TV side view app is not perfect, but it is definitely preferable to the included remote. The Sony BDP-S5100 3D Blu-ray player is a good value. It affordably brings some of the best movie watching options together in one box. If you are in the market for a Blu-ray player or a streaming device, this is definitely worth considering. This is Reinand for and this has been our review of the Sony BDP-S5100 3D Blu-ray player.

Sony BDP S5100 3D Blu-ray playerif you’re looking for Mastercam entertainment system that will deliver say experience while complementing your home’s decor then you’re looking for the Sony BDP as 3100 blu-ray disc player with WiFi. an amazing features including billion picture and sound deliver everything you need for an item awesome entertainment whether you’re streaming the newest content or watching one of your favorite movies the full HD 1080 P picture quality will blow you away. this will bring new life to your DVD collection upscaling the picture to near HD quality use it to play your cds and enjoy music with incredible audio with Sony’s QuickStart load you can begin watching your movies within seconds and putting them in the fire a fully enclosed optical drive keeps dust and particles from interfering with playback experience movies and TV shows the way. the director intended them to sound with Dolby True HD and dts-hd Master Audio modes these audio technologies reproduce up to 7.1 channels high definition audio giving you movie theater sound. enjoy streaming content without interruptions thanks in the ECE 3100 high-performance super wifi. this player is designed to reduce and in some cases eliminate playback streaming issues that are typically due to poor wifi performance. you want your stream Internet content to look great on your TV this player includes IP noise reduction. this helps smooth out compression issues and improves the overall look up online videos. so you can focus on your entertainment not your connection and enjoy fantastic picture quality even while streaming access to Sony Entertainment Network gives you nearly unlimited options when it comes to streaming content and entertainment choose from over 100 streaming services ranging from TV Sony BDP S5100 3D Blu-ray playershows to music and more stream your favorite movies TV shows and videos from Netflix YouTube Hulu Plus Amazon Instant Video and a host of other services. discover new music or enjoy classics on Pandora slacker and more do you find yourself using your smartphone or tablet when you’re watching TV than a teeny side you app is for you launch the app and use your compatible mobile device as a remote to control the S 3100 for search what’s available on App. like Netflix Hulu Plus or the Sony Entertainment Network all without interfering with what you’re watching on TV once, you find what you want to watch selected and TV side you will begin displaying it on your TV you can even throw videos pictures and music from your device on the TV with this app and enjoy them all so here looking for an amazing Blu ray Disc player with great design and theater quality picture and sound the Sony BDP-S5100 3D Blu-ray player with wifi is the one for you thanks for checking in and I look forward to sharing the next generation of Sony products.

ROKU 3 Streaming Media Player Review

Roku 3 Streaming Media PlayerEverybody my name is Reinand. Welcome back to the pro tech guy channel today we have the Roku 3 Streaming Media Player up for a full review. you can see up on the screen you have the interface have the new Roku 3 Streaming Media Player. in case anyone’s curious this setup that  running is an LG 50 inch 1080 P TV a Samsung sound bar with wireless subwoofer that is tucked behind the culture and of course the Roku 3 Streaming Media Player hope that the HDMI now. The Roku 3 Streaming Media Player is a dual core processor Roku with 512 megabytes of RAM Ethernet capabilities dual band wifi USB port in a micro SD card slot.

The only way to hook up the Roku 3 Streaming Media Player is the HDMI suggests the legacy RCA support for a nice clear crisp 1080 P picture from that he/she my cable and of course all pumped that HD are you all right through that cable no problem and that’s what we have this wonderful Roku 3 Streaming Media Playerdevice. Roku 3 Streaming Media Player let me first start off by saying  really excited for this device and excited to bring the review to you guys. Because I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it I was excited when I was announced I’ve been excited about Roku since I got my LT.  this past Christmas and it’s just been a great experience in with the LT was awesome.

this is great I need another one so I figured I go for the Roku 3 Streaming Media Player. Now the Roku 3 Streaming Media Player as Ben it’s really been an amazing product so far. Let me tell you a little bit about it. Of course I show you the specs  and I’ll give you guys links all my set up here in description box below. She got to pick anything up you need to  the cool thing let’s start off with the remote. you can actually plug in earphones to the side to this but the earbuds in and actually like the audio rights to the remote in two years through your phone. You can use whatever you want but it did come with some purple your buds that are actually pretty nice for stock earbuds.

They fit well least in my years I know everyone’s different but the comes with two other or three total here but you know the little things you put on there. To put into use for different size years so you have three different options in case the ones that came on me actually your bod do I for yours..I mean I have some good headphones so I’d rather use those also have a headphone amp that I could optionally plugin out some pretty good but it does sound pretty nice. Roku 3 Streaming Media PlayerThrough the remote itself  nothing to speak about this remote is actually wifi-enabled runs over the wifi networks you can control this through walls  as long as you’re within wifi range.

this is Roku does have a IR capability so for me personally I use the largest economy one remote control  system but if you just have this is a great little remote it’s easy for people who aren’t as tech savvy is maybe you in either read this review but for someone who just wants to get their content in and navigate through this Roku. this remote works pretty well  looking at the interface a little bit. Let’s check out the settings here  you you know cuz your network in beans  speaking at network it runs pretty well  over wifi. I have been used these images cuz I don’t have a wire run here but my networking internet speed seems to be pretty flawless. if you guys have used internet let me know how you like it below and  if you don’t like it are you up from the wifi in that aspect now let me know maybe I can help you out but with dual band wifi runs pretty well.

Roku 3 Streaming Media PlayerGoing back to the themes here it has different nothing’s there’s styled see this four themes are five themes right now among the day dream theme. I also like the nebula theme  but the salt intake the things you can use and hopefully they’ll have more preset the in the media custom. theme in the future though you pretty nice  just kinda personalize your Roku and said I have that same interfaces everybody else. it’s nice to kinda personalized set it up to feeling or decor that you might have in your room  not the Saints won matches but it’s pretty cool in it’s it’s easy to switch back and forth so. that is one new feature of the Roku OS in speaking about the Roku s who actually be released to the Roku 3 Streaming Media Player to use the Roku HD the new version and even the Roku LT.

Garmin Nuvi 50 LM GPS System Portable Review

Garmin Nuvi 50 LM GPS system PortableHere we have the box for a Garmin nuvi 50LM GPS system for your car. I am going to make a full review of this product. Feel free to suggest any other reviews you want to see of these boxes that I look at. On the front, you have Garmin up there, the device itself, the name, and free lifetime map updates. On the side, the street continues on. On this side, you have the map itself, a menu, and another menu. On the bottom, you’ll find all the text. The package contents, system requirements, and the barcode. On the back, pretty simple also. It’s just green with the product and the suction cup device. And a description of it.

Let’s go ahead and open this box. There’s a little tab. It’s green on the inside too. Open this up, and we have this thing. When the GPS was in here, it was like this, and the GPS sat on top. It comes right out. What else do we have Looks like we still have the quick start guide and some other papers. Garmin Nuvi 50 LM GPS systemDoesn’t look like this belongs in here. It is an HP 3 button optical mouse. Yeah, this does not belong in here. Another HP thing that does not belong in here: the warranty. You have twist-ties. They are black. Some packaging, which I’m not sure why it’s still in here. And another twist-tie. That is the empty box. Keep in mind that I will have a full review of this particular item. Thank you for watching.

One of the most appealing features of the Garmin Nüvi 50LM for many users is its big 5 inch color touch screen which makes driving with the 50LM both easy and fun. This unit comes preloaded with street maps of the lower 48 states, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Jamaica.

Garmin Nuvi 50 LM GPSAs if that were not enough, you also get free lifetime map updates to keep your roads and more than 5 million points of interest up to date. The Garmin Nüvi 50LM also boasts lane assist and junction view guides for many metropolitan areas to make sure you get into the correct lane as you approach key junctions. As with most Garmin GPS units the 50LM also carries a range of tools including Garmin’s “Where Am I?” emergency locator. To learn more about the Garmin Nüvi 50LM and other Garmin GPS units just comment on this article

The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7” Review

the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7” ReviewHey guys, this is Reinand and today I’m here with an unboxing of the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7”. With major competitors like the Nexus 7 the Fire HD has a lot to live up to but is it good enough? Like the last Fire it comes in a small cardboard box but with a quick pull of the tab you’re in business. Pop open the lid and inside you’ll see the Fire HD in it’s foam packaging, a MicroUSB cable for charging and syncing along with a tiny getting started guide. What you won’t find is a wall charger although it should work with any USB charger you have. Fire it up and you’ll see the 7” IPS display with a resolution of 1280×800. It’s now based on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich but Amazon has so thoroughly skinned it it’s not a stretch to call it a new OS. Around back you’ll see it’s covered in a soft touch rubber with a metal band which conceals the stereo speakers.

the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7”On the right side you’ll see your headphone jack along with the volume rockers and power button. As you can probably tell, they’re nearly flush and blend in a little too well. On the bottom you’ll see Micro HDMI out along with MicroUSB and around front is your 1.3 megapixel front facing camera which is the only camera on Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7”. Taking a quick look at it next to the Nexus 7 you’ll see they’re identical in screen size and all other dimensions except for the Fire HD has a wider bezel. At first glance the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX looks pretty solid but definitely stay tuned to the channel as I’ll be doing a thorough review and comparison with the Nexus 7 once I spend some more time with it.

Samsung’s newest tablet I got is actually a week and I side of boxes for you guys I also have an equal nice version now I decided that the seven ish that I got better opted for me yet let’s go ahead I’m getting is saying our say this fax is up like that last year on the front a box we got a picture ID you can acquire  HDX I agree on the back we got some information and stuff like that I’m gonna go ahead right there respect as we open this thing I so it has a 7-inch display as I said before which has a rebel resolution of 1920 about 1200  as associate really nice displays get to million plus to excellent I search it looks really really good  with Iran to break up the oil handed a a boxingthe Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 night i right there to cut that will be the plastic and then we can open the rest way up also has a 2.2 gigahertz quad-core processor I had to get up random there is the Kindle Fire itself so then take out box

I take a look at that I’m actually gonna go ahead felt this classic and just got set it to the side here giving guests last year you know what spirit of why not practice areas the new Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7” action UN said that to decide so I do to get a virus yes as a little careful is it getting to know your kiddo. I hope you like a review about the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7”. See you..

Nikon D7100 DSLR Camera Review

Nikon D7100 DSLR Camera ReviewRight before we get into the review of the Nikon D7100 . Alright, lets get to the review.
I am here with the review of the Nikon D7100 DSLR camera.It’s $1199.00 body only and it’s the latest in the range replacing the Nikon D7000. So this is going to be a pretty long review, I am going to sit here and give you my opinion of a few different functions and features inside this camera. You’re going to see a first person shooter project video where I took this out to a baseball field. You’re also gonna get cut in there some issues I may have had or some things I’ve liked with the camera. Or just some tips and tricks for when you are using this camera. As well as reviewing photos I shot at a concert. So I have run this camera through its paces from low light, to bright light outside and I’ve run some video tests as well.

So, as with all of my reviews its my goal to give you a little bit of my opinion. But, give you the tools to make a judgment for yourself whether this camera is for you. So with that said there are the full res images over on the website and you’ll be able to download some of the RAW files as well, so that you can make an informed judgment if you are out there looking for a Nikon D 7100. So, right off the bat, we know that this is a high mega pixel camera with 24 mega pixels, it does six frames a second. And that brings  up a certain bunch of issues or concerns. Being that it’s a large mega pixel camera, you are looking at a 30 MB RAW file on average. Now, that’s gonna vary depending on the situation that you are shooting in. I am shooting in full RAW and that’s going to give me that 30 MB file. Some I have seen are 32 and some are around 29.

Nikon D7100 DSLR Camera ReviewSo that depends upon the brightness of a situation, or the darkness. That means you are going to take up a lot more space on your computer. But, with more than that, this camera shoots six frames a second. The problem is you can only shoot for that one second, if you hold that button down for that whole second, because you are going to out run the buffer within six shots. That’s right. That means if you shoot for one full second, with your finger pressed down, your camera will stop after that sixth shot. And it won’t take another until the card or the buffer gets the information to the memory card. Now if you’re someone who takes two shots here, two shots here then you are giving the camera enough time to load the information on.

I’ve also found that being the six frames a second; you don’t really need to hold the shutter speed, the button down that much.  Because the action is going to be over before that second is up and you snap off six frames. So, I know pros that use this in the pit and they never out run it because they are shooting  smart, they are not just spraying and praying. So that’s a recommendation for you guys. The AF points, I don’t even remember how many bad boys there are in here. But they are very,very good. The focus points you get to individually select, I should look that up real quick.
I kind of actually don’t remember that. It has 51-point AF’s. Well, there’s a lot of cameras like my D4 that has that, but we are not gonna compare that to this. There’s 51  points, they go almost edge-to-edge so you can get auto focusing at so many different points. Whereas with the Nikon D600 the points are more focused on the center area. With this D 7100 you get a full range around the whole bat where you can pick up your focusing points and I individually make changes and select them.

Nikon D7100 DSLR Camera ReviewSo, let’s talk about the body. The body feels good, there’s not much difference here between the D7000 and the D 7100. They’ve now gotten rid of the thumb thing on the back, to go into live view. The live view is now similar to what you would see one the D 800, the D 600 and the D 4 as well as the record button, it’s a red record button on the very top of the camera. Nikon also does not give you and LCD protection piece of plastic and I’m Ok with that. There’s no reason you need to protect this that much. You’re not really going to scratch it up. I felt that when you have the plastic, that you end up getting that thing all dirty and scratched up and you can barely see your LCD screen anyway. These things are very good. They’re not gonna scratch unless you literally try to scratch it. So that is not a big deal in my opinion.

The focus tracking is pretty good. It worked well in continuous focus. When I was shooting at the baseball game, whether it was a picture or the runner running around the bases. It did very well in low-light situations at a concert. And speaking of concert the high ISO capability it pretty darn good. We’re gonna see more of that when we look at the images in the computer when we get into the office and I’m gonna go into more detail about each image and some more opinions about it. But they looked very good up to 4000, 6400 looked good as well. But a lot depends upon the situation that you are in as well as the glass that you are using. So, I want to keep this moving. We’re gonna talk about one of the issues I had which was with AFA, AF-auto. You can sometimes  switch between AFA and AF…sorry. You want to switch between continuous and single but there is an extra click in there that I noticed when I was shooting sports. It was AFA and that was making the selection and choice for me on the auto focus and I didn’t want that. So that was something that I did not realize until after I stopped shooting pictures and I talk about that when I was out shooting the baseball game.

So, quick judgment on the files, the dynamic range is very nice. The shadow to highlight detail is very nice. The shadow detail is what you get when you are in the shadows. Being able to pick up information there is great. And that’s what this camera does very well. They’ve also gotten rid of one of the filters in here so I did not see any instances  of morraying. I didn’t see any morraying in video, or in any of the photos that I captured, whether it was baseball or a shot at the zoo or whether it was at the concerts. It was a non-issue and when I got the image tack sharp or when it was really, really right in focus, it was really freakin tack sharp. The images are sharp, contrasty, vibrant,  especially when you edit them with the RAW files, really happy with that.

Nikon-D7100-DSLR-cameraWhat else do I have here? Video samples. The video was perfectly fine. We’ve used this to shoot the FroKnowsPhoto show; you could use this to do quite a lot of video. You’re gonna get your 20 minutes out of that. You have your two memory card options. You can write stills to one, video to the other. You can have it shoot stills to one and stills to the other as in a redundancy. My personal preference is because they give you two slots, put two SD cards in here. Say two 16 gigs or two 32 gigs and have them copy the raw files from one to the other so that if one card fails you have a backup right there. That is a great option to have.

The battery life is very good. All the buttons seem to be in the right place. It’s the same as just about any other Nikon. So Nikon did a great job there and camera all in all is very, very good for its $1,199.00 price range. But a lot of people sit there and say “well why would I get this over the D600?” There is a difference between when you go into a

full frame camera and then the lower end, not lower end but ‘middle of the road’ $1,199.00 DX body. A lot has to do with the buffer size, build quality, as you get into the ‘pro-er’bodies that’s where you get into the better build quality. Better processors inside. Better weather sealing. But there are differences, you’re gonna pay for that. But for $1,199.00  this is a solid, solid offering, body only, pick up some good glass for it and you’re gonna be extremely, extremely happy. So, really that is just a quick look at the outside of the camera, some quick thoughts that I have. Thanks for reading this Nikon D7100 DSLR Camera Review.

Printer HP Officejet 6700 Premium Review Part 4

HP OfficeJet 6700 premium 7Continued from HP Officejet 6700 premium review part 3. So you can go ahead and watch the video if you’d like, or disregard it. Making sure that you have plain, white paper. 8 1/2 by 11 works. Go ahead and lift up the output tray. We’re going to load this into the printer. Open up the width guide as far as it will go, so that we can load paper in properly. And go ahead, tapping the papers to line them up. Just go ahead and load it into the printer. When I adjust the width guide at the edge of the paper, I’ll prevent any of the paper getting distorted or misaligned as you put it in. If you later on decide to load paper that is larger than 8 1/2 by 11, this part of the tray right here does come out. Basically you just slide it up and lower it. It will allow for a legal or a larger size paper. It’s really simple. Just lift up and lower. At this point you can go ahead and lower the output tray making sure that it’s securely all the way down.

HP OfficeJet 6700 premium 8And then go back to the panel. And hit Next. At this point printer will align and calibrate. When it alignes, basically it sets up the printer to drop ink exactly what’s supposed to be on the paper as it prints out. So we’ve sped up the section. Depending on your model it might take quite a bit of time as I said before, so your experience might be a little bit different. OK, now that your alignment page has printed out successfully, we can go ahead and remove it from the printer. And actually if you look at the front panel it’ll tell you that the alignment was successful so we can go ahead and hit OK. It’s going to ask you your printer connection type but since we’re not showing that in this video, we can hit Connect Later. This screen here is telling you that the setup was successful, and telling you to install the software on your computer using the CD. We do have other videos available if you would like to see how that’s done. Hit OK. Another message will pop up confirming that the cartridges that were provided by HP were installed. OK, so at this point we want to make sure that the printer is working and set up correctly so we’re going to go ahead and print a test page from your printer. Go ahead and use the arrows until you see the Setup button.

HP OfficeJet 6700 premium 10And then scroll down using these arrows and hit Reports. And we’re going to go ahead and just hit the Printer Status Report button. And now your printer will print out a printer status report. So with the printer status report printing out correctly you know that you have set up and initialized your printer and that it’s printing and functioning properly. So if we go ahead and look at this printer status report, it has some information that might be helpful for you: ink levels, serial number, etc. But if for some reason the test page did not print out or alignment page did not print you can actually look inside the printer and it will have some information for you. You can either go onine or call HP and they’ll ask you for your model number, and this model number right here is the one that you’ll want to use. Also you can use these ink cartridge numbers when you go to replace your cartridges for your printer. If you want to go online here’s a web page that we recommend using: And you can find further information about your printer troubleshooting, support, or just any kind of help that you may need. After you go ahead and close the cartridge access door, and once you set it up and install the drivers in your computer, your printer will then be ready for regular use. And that is the HP Officejet 6700 Premium.